How To Play Poker Online


Basic Poker rules are easy and straight forward. To be successful at this game you need to be familiar with betting rules, player moves, table and player positions and ante.

Betting Rules

There are three betting rules:

1. The Limit - The limit means each poker game round has a fixed amount that must be bet on. This is the most common type of bet.
2. No Limits - No limit means bets do not have limits.
3. Pot Limits - A pot limit means players can only raise bets up to limit of what is in the pot. As the pot becomes bigger by round, the player can increase the bet to a higher amount.

Player Moves

The following are basic actions a player can take when playing general online poker.

1. Check - If a player before you did not bet a round, then you can check, meaning call a bet of $0. You place nothing in the pot, and the play continues on to the next player. The next player can also decide to check. If all players choose to check, then the play continues to the next stage.

2. Bet - Wagering or putting chips into the pot is called a bet. Some online poker games have a set limit and the bet must be a fixed sum.

3. Call - A call or to call is a raise made by previous players or is an amount equal to the bet. For instance, one player bets $10 and then another player raises that bet by $10 then you must put $20 in the pot to make call.

4. Raise - A raise is an increase in the amount of the previous bet. For example, the table limit is $4, one player bets $4, the next player can raise the bet by $4 making his bet in that round $8.

5. Fold - In a fold, the player puts his cards face down on the table and quit that hand. The player usually will fold because he does not have a good hand or because he can not or does not want to call the previous bet.

Table and Player Positions

Before joining a poker game be familiar with the different positions of where a player sits in relation to the dealer.

The Button Position - Dealing is done by the computer in online poker. However, one of the players will still be defined as a dealer. The button role moves to a different player each hand. The order of the game is Dependant on the position of the button.

Player Positions

Early - In this position, the players sit to the left of the dealer in three seats. If you are in this seat you are the first to bet and you do not know how the others will bet or play that round. Premium hands are usually bet by poker players in this position because they have no idea what the other player will do.

Middle - Middle position player come after the early players and they only act after they know the actions of the early players. They do not have to bet premium hands, and may try and bluff because they know a little of the actions that will take place.

Late - The late position is after the middle sitting to the right of the dealer. These players have already seen most of the other players in action. They have the advantage.

The Ante

The 'Ante' is the amount of money in the pot before the betting begins. The ante is a way of insuring that all players have wagered something and if the player folds immediately after the round begins, the player will loose some of the money put in the initial stake.

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