How To Play Bingo Online


The rules for any bingo site online is simple. Online bingo games mostly use auto daubers, which mark the cards automatically. This is convenient and allows the player to purchase more cards. The card are sorted based on which ones are doing well, or progressing. During this time players are also entertained by chat room leaders. Chat room leaders usually keep the games interesting by running chats with game prizes. Participates are divided into teams for real games and fun with prizes.

Parts of the Bingo Card

The bingo cards have five rows and columns with random numbers printed on the cards. The columns are the letters in the word 'BINGO'.

B - The B column has numbers between 1 and 15.
I - The I column has numbers between 16 and 30.
N - The N column has numbers between 31 and 45, with a free space in the center.
G - The G column has numbers between 46 and 59.
O - The O column has numbers between 60 and 75.

The first to complete a card with the numbers in the pattern according to the rules of the game will win a prize. There are several patterns available for bingo. Be sure of the pattern selected for your game.

The cards for online bingo games are randomly selected by the computer. Bingo sites usually allow players to select how many cards they would like for each game. The pattern for the games is listed on the screen. Some patterns will complete in a short amount of time and other patterns will take longer for completion. The common bingo patterns are diagonal, vertical and horizontal direction.

The player wins jackpot (most of the time) when all numbers on the bingo card are covered. But, the player has to have all numbers covered within short amount of time. The jackpots have been known to be $10,000 or above.

These rules are the basic rules of bing online. To play bingo online visit 888 Casino, Spin Palace Casino or Casino Euro for a little fun.

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