How To Play Slots Online


Casino slot machines began as a tool to keep girlfriends and wives entertained while their boyfriends and husband gambled. The marketing strategy was, if the women are entertained, the men will spend more money gambling. Today over 70 percent of casino revenue comes from the easy to play casino Slot machines.

Because Slot machines have been around for over 100 years, most people know a little about how to play slots online. The rules for playing slots online are simple: insert coins, spin reel and view the combination of symbols to confirm if you have won. There are popular online casino slots games listed below with basic rules to get you started. Most website will include and in depth analysis of how to play each game, which can be reviewed before you begin playing. Also in order to have the right information before playing, you should check a complicated jackpot tool that allows you to track all online progressive jackpot slots and find out which one has the best profit by analyzing statistics of previous hits. This great tool is available at

3 Reel slots - The rule for this game are, there must be a winning combination on the payout line(s). There are five payout line on the 3 Reel slots each game: left diagonal; right diagonal; top row, middle row and bottom row.

5 Reel Slots - This slot greatly increases you chances of winning. The 5 Reel Slots game has nine payout lines. Winners will have a winning combination of symbols on one or more payout lines.

Bonus Slots - This slot only has one payout line, which is the middle row. If the middle row display the special bonus sign or symbol the player will receive an additional payout bonus.

Feature Slots - The Feature Slots is a more exciting game with 15 payout lines per game. What makes it more fun is it has a wildcard that can be used to create winning combinations.

MegaSpin Slots - MegaSpin Slots is a mega game with multiple games of 3 Reel Slots. The game has six 3 Real Slots games with only one payout line. The player has six chances to win in one game.

To get the most fun out of online Slots games, review the online slots games rule for each online casino website. Try some of these online casinos for Slots game fun: bet365 Casino, Unibet Casino and Party Casino.

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